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Serna Lopéz Centro Odontológico



Serna López Centro Odontológico

Who can access the implants?

  • People with problems in 10 or more teeth.
  • People with difficulty smiling confidently.
  • People who agree to a prior assessment.
  • People who have a minimum stay in Colombia of 5 days.

Why in Serna López?

  • Dental leaders since 1998, we have constant innovation to have painless, aesthetic and reliable treatments with state-of-the-art technology.
  • We are among the few dental groups worldwide with the capacity to install prostheses on implants in less than 5 days.
  • We have a lifetime guarantee on our Swiss Straumann implants.
Serna López Centro Odontológico


How do I know if I am suitable for an implant?

First, a virtual assessment appointment is needed, in which history is observed and viability is determined. They are not suitable, those people who consume medications for osteoporosis, or those people who are undergoing head and neck radiotherapy as a treatment against cancer.

How long does the whole process take?

The process for total prostheses on implants takes 15 days, where a tomography is taken, implant planning and placement of implants with immediate prosthesis.

Is there some kind of guarantee?

We provide a lifetime guarantee on our implants worldwide.

How soon can I get my smile back?

In 15 days you will see the results.

Is the process painful?

No, it is done under local anesthesia and sedation if required by the patient.